Book One: With Nine You Get Vanyr

How much would you give to live your fantasy? Think fast--your Wishstone is waiting.

Nine women--all members of an internet fan group--make a fateful wish to be transported to Domain, the world of their favorite television series. They don't know the Wishstone is an artifact with an agenda, or that the series is based on a real place rife with dangers bigger than any network budget could handle.

Domain is a world without change, frozen in a time of magic and superstition, where the immortal sons of the goddess Reyah fight a never-ending war--mostly with themselves. Reyah doesn't seem to care. The way she sees it, her boys will be boys. They'll settle down once they meet the right girls.

But Earth girls aren't that easy. They've got serious issues with this gig. They like their computers, cell phones, double-ply toilet paper.

And they don't believe in fate.

Welcome to Domain.

"I had such fun with this story. With Nine You Get Vanyr is an original romp sure to appeal to fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Lynn Kurland."

Patricia Briggs, author of Moon Called

"Action! Magic! Love, war, and mirth! The reader's cup of epic fantasy fun overflows in With Nine You Get Vanyr

Carole Nelson Douglas, author of Cat in a Quicksilver Caper

A long rollicking ride through fandom and fantasy.

Lilith Saintcrow, author of Dead Man Rising



What the reviewers are saying:

"An intriguing blend of fantasy and science fiction, this story is full of action and fascinating characters. It has skillful world-building, and the scene changes to keep track of the action of many characters are adroitly done."

Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"Deryk and his erotic relationship with his snake are pretty smoking..."

Mrs. Giggles

The characters are very believable as they adapt to having real powers that they must learn to use properly as opposed to role-playing. Fans will never look at Atlanta's DragonCon the same way again after this fun filled fantasy. This reviewer's only wish when she attends the 07 Con on the Labor Day weekend is more tales in the realm of Domain. With Nine You Get Vanyr is a great fantasy.
Harriet Klausner

The plot is thought-provoking, the characters are in the midst of coming-of-age identity crises, and the immortals are seriously hot. What more could a reader request? Sometimes a reviewer begins to read a story and simply forgets immediately she is reading for review; it doesn't happen sufficiently often, but With Nine You Get Vanyr is one fine example.
Euro Reviews

Run to grab this exciting new book from Ms. Smith and Ms. Ward. With Nine You Get Vanyr is truly one of those books destined to be a timeless classic.
Love Romances & More

The writing team of Jean Marie Ward and the late Teri Smith have penned a fantastic fantasy novel… I can only hope that Ms. Ward will craft more tales set in this world.
Two Lips Reviews

With Nine You Get Vanyr is a long, delightful read. You will need several bowls of popcorn and a gallon or two of your favorite beverage.
Romance Reviews Today

Ms. Smith has left a legacy that Ms. Ward will hopefully continue.
Coffee Time Romance


Midnight in the Alley of Good and Evil.
The Wishstone finds Pandora.
Enter Lydia from above.

With Nine You Get Vanyr by Teri Smith & Jean Marie Ward is available for download from Samhain Publishing and in print from and bookstores everywhere.


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